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Reigning “American Idol” champ David Cook has canceled two shows on his headlining tour due to personal reasons, Access Hollywood has confirmed.

“We are canceling Monday and Tuesday’s shows to allow David time to deal with personal family matters,” a rep for the singer told Access. “Please respect his privacy at this time.”

The shows on his “The Declaration Tour” being canceled were scheduled for Colby-Sawyer College in New London, New Hampshire, and at Southern Connecticut State University in New Haven, Connecticut. However, fans at those respective venues may get a makeup date.

“David would like everyone to rest assured that we are working with the Universities to reschedule the shows that are missed,” the rep added.

The same message was also posted on Cook’s official Web site, causing fans to react with an outpouring of support.

“Please take all the time you need to be with family and friends,” one fan posted on the message board.

“Hope whatever happens turns out okay. Rest reassured all of your fans hold the upmost respect for your privacy and know that family is what is most important in life,” another wrote.

Earlier this month, Cook had taken to his MySpace blog with a stern warning for fans who were trying to get a little too close for comfort to the singer.

“First off, I want to say thank you to everyone who has been coming out to the shows since my last post. The vibe at these shows has been amazing. Secondly, I have to address some behavior that has become disturbing,” Cook wrote. “We pride ourselves on being accessible to you as fans, but in contrast, we do enjoy what little privacy we can muster. To that end, the efforts by some fans to find our hotel rooms, call our hotel rooms, attach things to our bus, etc., is something I have to condemn.”

The Season Seven “Idol” champ warned that if the unruly behavior should continue, the rest of his fans may suffer.

“This relationship only works when it remains healthy for both parties, and should this behavior continue, the only thing we can do is take more preventative measures to maintain our privacy, which in turn makes us less accessible to you,” he added.

Meanwhile, viewers watching Access Hollywood on Tuesday will get an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at Cook’s new music video for his latest single, “Come Back To Me.”

A 30-second preview of the video debuts during an “American Idol” commercial break while the full video can be viewed exclusively for 24 hours at music.att.net following the airing of the commerical.

Cook will also be seen performing Wednesday night on “Idol.” The performance was pre-taped.


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Saturday, both middle-aged moms and excited pre-teens swooned in the Sadler Center’s Chesapeake room to the music of David Cook, winner of “American Idol” season seven. Cook ultimately beat co-finalist David Archuleta, winning 56 percent of the 100 million votes cast.

Cook’s stop at the College of William and Mary was a part of his “Declaration Tour,” which focused on smaller, more intimate venues at East Coast colleges. AMP jumped at the opportunity and booked the singer last fall.

Roughly 800 people attended, a high percentage of which were members of the general public. According to Will Sealy ’09, a member of the Alma Mater Productions music committee and the main organizer of the event, AMP decided to limit the number of non-student tickets to fill only fifty percent capacity. Although AMP could have gained more revenue by selling more public tickets, Sealy explained that they wanted to serve students first, justifying AMP’s decision to reserve a certain number of tickets for students even though not all were sold.

Before Cook took the stage, opener Ryan Star warmed up the crowd with mainstream rock tunes, tight black pants and plenty of attitude.

Star, another alumnus of reality television, is best known for his stint on the show “Rock Star: Supernova.” His set consisted of music similar to that of Cook and flirtatious banter with audience members.“I’d like to study here,” Star said to the students in the crowd. “What do you guys study?”

One girl responded “English” to which Star replied with a smirk, “You don’t know English? What’d you get on your SATs?”

Similar to the stage theatrics of Creed’s Scott Stapp, Star occasionally struck Messiah-like poses throughout the set.

Star’s set ranged from harder tracks, like “Brand New Day” with vocals reminiscent of Chris Cornell of Soundgarden and Audioslave, to more adult-contemporary fare with the song “Last Train Home,” which was featured on the “P.S. I Love You” soundtrack. His better numbers included “Psycho Suicidal Girls,” an angry tune about an ex-fling, and “Right Now,” which was snappy, and anthemic. He closed the night with an unexpected, grungy cover of the Katy Perry song, “Hot and Cold.”

After Star exited the stage, roadies and members of AMP worked quickly to change the music equipment, while the teenage girls and their parents trembled in excitement and the winners of AMP’s promotional T-shirt contest were announced.

The lucky designers of these homemade David Cook T-shirts were given the opportunity to meet with Cook after the show. Screams filled the air as the names were announced. The majority of the winners were not students at the College; three students who won the chance to meet Cook were Matt Schofield ’12, Caitlin Shoemaker ’12 and Michelle Bousquet ’12.

Schofield said he encouraged his friends to enter the T-shirt contest for a chance to talk to Cook and convince him to give up Carrie Underwood’s phone number. Shoemaker said they were “… on pins and needles, waiting for [their] names to be called.”

After AMP announced the winners, Shoemaker said the students were ecstatic.

“A loud eruption came from Matt in the middle of the floor where we were located,” she said. “I immediately texted my mom and sister, who both responded with excitement and a bit of envy.”

The student’s winning T-shirts were inspired by Cook’s first single “Time of my Life” and incorporated the College’s logo on the back.

After the announcement, Cook finally took the stage, opening with a cover of Collective Soul’s “The World I Know,” which he performed on the “American Idol” finale.

Throughout the show he took advantage of his heartthrob status, shamelessly flirting with his female fans.

“It’s good to see some new faces … and some old ones, too,” he said, smiling at the devoted Cook enthusiasts who had followed him on tour and had positioned themselves in the center of the front row.
Cook threw out handfuls of guitar picks to the audience, which elicited many squealing reactions.

Between songs he relayed anecdotes, such as his earlier exploration of campus. He mentioned specifically his difficulty avoiding puddles while playing a game of catch on the Sunken Gardens, then jokingly
suggested that the College should look out for an invoice for one pair of ruined shoes.
Segueing into the angrier tune, “Lie,” Cook explained how unromantic the song was while simultaneously trying to sell T-shirts.

“How many couples in the crowd tonight?” he said. “Well, you guys should hang by the merch table, ‘cause this song is not for you.”

He assumed a casual, joking tone on stage. “We had an election not too long ago … Who did you guys vote for?” Cook asked. A few excited crowd members, potentially confusing the presidential election with the past season of “American Idol,” yelled that they voted for Cook. He thanked them for their vote, and then explained that he was returning to the “American Idol” tradition of audience decision-making.

“We’re going to leave it to democracy,” he said, and gave the crowd two options for his next song: “Little Lies” or “Hot for Teacher.” By round of applause, “Hot for Teacher” won by a wide margin. Cook’s drummer then immediately started in on the distinctive Van Halen drum solo.

The crowd’s enhusiasm intensified when Cook announced that he had two new singles coming out that month and that he just shot the music video for “Come Back to Me.”

“I got to do a little acting for it, which [was] nice.” Cook then delved into the narrative lyrics of a song, fitting to some bad music-video acting.

One high point during the show was the song “Bar-ba-Sol” which started out sounding like a monotonous Nickelback song, but gained a punchier melody as it continued. However, the tune “Declaration” fell flat as an attempt to serve up hackneyed inspiration.

Cook wrapped up the concert on a more somber note, announcing that he was going to take off the next couple of shows on the tour, but promised to do his best to reschedule. He sounded very regretful stating, “from [the age of] 15 to now, I have only canceled one show so far. So this will be our last song for four days …” and then led into his well-known single, “Light On.” Voices of the crowd led the last chorus of the song, ending the concert with a more intimate feel.

The excitement continued on after the show as the winners of the T-shirt contest waited anxiously for their meet-and-greet while Ryan Star mingled with fans by the merchandise table. On the first floor of the Sadler Center, two members of Ryan Star’s band, Dan Tirer and Artie Fleischmann, sold CDs to anyone they could find.

When asked how the show went, they emphatically stated, “swimmingly” and that they were excited to head out to the next show. Fleischmann then offered to share what kind of underwear he was wearing, which prompted the question from a nearby student, “Boxers or briefs?” He laughed and replied “nope,” indicating with his hands that he was not wearing any underwear.

Meanwhile, Shoemaker, Schofield and Bousquet waited eagerly after the show for their meet-and-greet with Cook. Shoemaker said that Schofield, “made a valiant effort” to get Underwood’s number, but Cook declined. However, Cook was friendly and charming to his fans.

“We chatted for a second with his band members and were amused by David’s ease and humor in posing for pictures,” Shoemaker said. “We got our photo and an autograph, which I promptly hung in my dorm room: I was so pumped to finally meet an ‘Idol’.”

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Hey fans… show your support for our favorite rocker and the causes near and dear to his heart.
Whether you or someone you love has personally been impacted by cancer, or you have been inspired by the way he has steadfastly supported people battling the disease, this is your opportunity to contribute to the fight against brain cancer in his name and to honor all that he stands for.

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The Race for Hope
Volunteer Committee
is proud to announce:
David Cook to appear
at Race for Hope – DC!
More details to follow.

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More than 330 students packed into Trax on Monday, March 23 to see American Idol season seven winner David Cook perform a private concert for the Susquehanna student body. The surprise performance was announced at the Student Activities Committee (SAC) weekly meeting earlier this semester and has been in the works for months. “There was quite a bit of planning that had to be done to do an event of this size in Trax. This is the largest event that SAC has sponsored in Trax, and we were very glad to see that it was such a success,” Mallory Naill SAC president said. Cook, who took the Idol title last May, came to Susquehanna as part of his “Declaration Tour – 2009.” According to mtvU’s Web site, “mtvU is MTV Network’s 24-hour college network–the largest and most comprehensive media network just for college students.” “It just kind of represented a return to my roots,” Cook said. “I really got serious about being in music when I was a freshman in college. Playing shows at colleges and seeing shows at colleges is just an energy you don’t find anywhere else. It’s something I wanted to tap into and it’s a market that gets neglected by a lot of artists.” Students were excited for the show, pushing their way to the front of the stage when the doors opened at 8:30 p.m. “Judging by the great atmosphere throughout the night, Susquehanna students had an amazing time at the concert and that made it in our eyes a great success,” SAC vice president Jan Michalko said. “The SAC executive board dedicated a lot of time and effort to this concert, and our biggest reward was seeing hundreds of Susquehanna students having a great time and enjoying the performance.” “At first, I was there because I had to work,” Trax employee Diane Eshelman said, “but David Cook really exceeded my expectations. He made working very enjoyable.” Opening for Cook was New York native Ryan Star. Most recently, Star’s single, “Brand New Day” has been featured as the title track to Fox’s new drama, “Lie to Me.” Star has been on tour with Cook since Valentine’s Day. “It’s been amazing. [Cook’s] a great dude, we’re having fun,” Star said. “The intimacy [of college shows] is great. In all honesty, it’s just me being me.” Star performed a handful of songs including his recent single, “Last Train Home.” “I liked his energy and his voice,” sophomore Jess Patton said. Cook also performed an array of songs from his album including “Declaration,” “Come Back to Me,” and “Mr. Sensitive,” as well as covers of Van Halen’s “Hot for Teacher” and Fleetwood Mac’s “Go Your Own Way.” “We try to keep things all over the place to give everybody a chance to enjoy themselves. Hopefully we take the audience on a little bit of a rollercoaster,” Cook said. After leaving the crowd screaming for more, Cook came back to perform an encore of “Bar-Ba-Sol” and his current hit, “Light On,” where he asked for some assistance from the audience. “That is one of the best compliments I think any musician can get to have someone sing their songs to them. It’s a win-win for me, and I love it,” Cook said. “I thought it was pretty amazing,” sophomore Chloe Vale said. “He put on a good show and he made a good connection to the audience. He really related to college students; I walked away very impressed.” Almost immediately after the last American Idol show aired, Cook hit the road with the other contestants for the show’s annual summer tour and has not stopped working since. “It’s an awesome thing to wake up everyday to completely different stimuli,” Cook said. “Going through the week to week grind has allowed me to step back and appreciate everything.” In February, Cook’s self-titled album was certified platinum. “I put out my solo record in ’06 before Idol before all of this and it sold 1,000 copies in a year, to go from that to selling a million copies in three months, if that’s not a textbook Cinderella story, I don’t know what is.” Cook wraps up his tour at the end of April, but will return between shows to perform on this season’s American Idol. “This is someone who skyrocketed to fame through one of today’s most popular television shows,” Kevin Hannahoe, interim assistant director of campus activities said. “Students not only came to hear his music but to see a celebrity[…]Trax employees noticed a large number of Susquehanna students in attendance that night that they have not seen in the venue before. If David Cook coming to campus got students in Trax, particularly upperclassmen who were never in the venue before, that’s awesome.” “I’m continually appreciative,” Cook said. “I’m in an amazing position in my life because the people that watched Idol saw fit to put me here. I look forward to continuing to play shows and prove everybody right. I’m still the same guy I was a year and a half ago, it’s just now I have more resources. I’m enjoying myself and there’s no reason I should change.”


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