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David Cook at Fox50

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David Cook Awarded At UCM

David Cook was recognized as a distinguished alumnus award after his performance at the University of Central Missouri in Warrensburg on Tuesday night.

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We Are Only Honest When We Are Sleeping



Hot For Teacher


Straight Ahead




Light On




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By Amelia Waters

OLLA — Missouri native and television’s American Idol winner David Cook played at the University of Missouri’s Science and Technology’s Leach Theatre to a sold out crowd last night.

The musician sat down with KRCG to talk about his tour, family and success after the winning on the popular show. He says it’s always fun to play in the Show-Me state.

“Everything’s been so nuts in the last year-and-a-half,” said Cook. “Making it on the show, I’ve been doing some amazing things. Anytime I can come home. I feel a little bit more comfortable. I love that.”

Originally from Blue Springs, just outside Kansas City, Missouri Cook graduated from University of Central Missouri in 2006. After he got his degree he moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma and joined a band. When auditions for American Idol came along Cook couldn’t let it pass him by. Although he has been traveling all over the world since his success on the show he always loves coming home to Missouri.

“People seem, to have a whole lot of pride which is cool,” said Cook. “Giving people some sort of a common bond. It’s a huge honor.”

Honor didn’t come easy for the rock star; it was his nerves that almost got him kicked off American Idol.

“The first show I was a wreck,” said Cook. “They had to blow dry the armpits of my shirt because I was just freaking out. And then I just started having fun and then everything just fell into place.”

The popular show also gave Cook more confidence in his writing.

“It pushed me to be a little bit more open,” he said. “I’ve become a little bit more honest, before Idol I always wrote kind of therapeutic…. too where I kind of rid of all the insecurities.

Despite his insecurities Cook always knew his calling.

“I knew i was always gonna be a musician,” he said. “I knew I was always gonna play shows. Idol’s given me the opportunity to do what I love to do everyday.”

His biggest sacrifice in fame is his family

“I missed some birthdays,” said Cook. “I missed some holidays. My family’s great. They know that at this stage in my life this is what I’m supposed to be doing.”

Cook does anticipate touring in the Philippines and Europe later on.

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David Cook Vlog

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By CARY ASPINWALL World Scene Writer

David Cook’s return to Tulsa was a venue-shaking, light bulb-shattering family affair.

The city’s favorite bartender-turned-“American Idol” played a sold-out show at University of Tulsa’s Allen Chapman Activity Center on Saturday night, his first local show since releasing his self-titled album last year.

The crowd was packed with fans, friends and family members of Cook’s band — the very same bandmates who brought him to Tulsa.

But tickets were not easy to get. The university’s students, faculty and staff had first dibs on the several hundred that were available, so there weren’t any available for sale to the general public. Fans had to go through friends at TU or scour the Internet to get tickets.

For superfans like Emily Corral, 19, of Broken Arrow, the $125 she paid for a resale ticket online was worth it.

Cook is her all-time favorite “American Idol” — well, he’s the reason she even watches, really.

“I never watched ‘Idol’ until last season, because I thought it was hokey,” she said.

Now she’s a Word Nerd, a Cookie — one of the many fans who chat on forums at Cook-dedicated Web sites.

“He signed my iPod at ‘Idols Live,’ ” she said. “I’d like to get a picture or hug this time, if I can.”

Cook returned the love to his dedicated audience, thanking them for making his rock-star dreams come true as they screamed and sang along with every lyric.

But this was no pop-star contest, there were no Andrew

Lloyd Webber covers — this was a rock show. The thundering guitars, bass and drums shook the venue so vigorously, an overhead light bulb shattered on stage before the second song of Cook’s set ended.

He joked about going out drinking after the show, and recalled the days when he would play for a handful of people in between bartending gigs.

Fans got a trip down memory lane as Cook switched to backup vocals and let Andy Skib take the lead on an old Midwest Kings song — the band that Cook originally moved to Tulsa to join. Skib and Neil Tiemann, Tulsans who started Midwest Kings, are now guitarists in Cook’s band.

Skib’s parents beamed from the audience. It was family reunion meets rock show. And the crowd loved it, screaming wildly.

“I like this, I like it a lot,” Cook said, decked out in cowboy boots and a T-shirt that read “Make cupcakes, not war.”

A pair of self-described “Cougar” fans — both named Nancy — squealed as Cook’s band launched into a cover of Van Halen’s “Hot For Teacher.” They said they considered it a shout-out to his devoted, mature women fans.

During the hour-long set, Cook played several hits and crowd favorites from his platinum-selling album, including “Light On,” “Come Back to Me” and “Bar-ba-sol.”

Winning “American Idol” may have made it possible, but playing to smaller, devoted crowds like Saturday’s is how Cook honed his skills and got his launchpad to stardom.

“You have no idea what you guys are doing for us,” he said. “Thank you, guys.”

Credit Tulsa World

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BLUE SPRINGS, MO. – When students at Blue Springs South High School got up Thursday morning, they had no idea they were going to a rock concert.

David Cook, who attended Blue Springs South, wanted to do something for his alma mater. So, he planned a little surprise.

The students were huddled into an auditorium. The stage was set. A white sheet covered a silhouette of the singer and no one said anything. All of a sudden, the sheet dropped and David just started playing.

Cook launched into an hour set with his full band and all the lighting of a regular show. The kids went wild.

No media was invited. No one from the school was supposed to take pictures. Cook had said he didn’t want this event to be about him getting something out of it.

His family was on hand, just like they were at Wednesday night’s show at Ameristar. He told the crowd of kids “I wanted to come back and do this for you guys…You go to one of the best schools in the world.”

Photos courtesy Chris St. Clair, Junior, Blues Springs South. (April 23, 2009)

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By Kelly Evenson

GateHouse News Service

Blue Springs, Mo. –

“American Idol” winner David Cook made an appearance at his alma mater Thursday, and it was a complete surprise to almost everyone.

“It was so amazing,” said Jan Rush, a teacher at Blue Springs South. “The kids were very excited, and I think everyone was surprised when he came out on stage.”

Cook, a Blue Springs South High School graduate, performed a nearly hour-long set of music with his full band Thursday morning. Students were ushered into the gymnasium for what they thought was an ordinary assembly. However, in the center of the gymnasium was a full stage and concert lighting similar to what was used at Cook’s performance at the Ameristar Casino on Wednesday.

He also has a performance Tuesday at his college alma mater, the University of Central Missouri in Warrensburg.

Rush said teachers were told of the performance Thursday morning before students arrived for classes. No media were invited to the event, and no one at the school was supposed to take any pictures of the performance.

“I think he is genuinely a very nice guy,” she said. “I think it shows a lot of sincerity of spirit to do that on your own. He wanted to come back to the school and put on a show for the students.”

The cost of the concert was paid for by Cook himself. The Blue Springs School District paid nothing for the performance, district officials said.

Both Leslie Evans, public information director for the district, and Blue Springs South Principal Randy Dowell said it was Cook’s wish that the concert be kept secret from everyone outside of Blue Springs South, “specifically the media.”

Evans said the goal was for Cook to give something back to the school, not for the publicity that would be involved with a public concert.

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