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OK… let’s do a quick, 5 question Q&A… shoot…

RT @davey_morr favorite band right now?
not a band, but just discovered Reggie Watts. Funny dude, but probably more for the adult listener

RT @MusicLover4512 Fave episode of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia?
Charlie Goes America on Everyone’s Ass

RT @its_me_kate Favorite baseball player of all time?
Buck O’Neil

RT @wissphoto Please tell me that you are going to sing a new song at BG???
we’re talking about it. so it’s a coin flip right now.

RT @ASmallSmackerel Would you rather go sky-diving from a jet or bungee-jumping off a bridge?
I plan on doing both at some point

OK, one BONUS ?. Let’s make it a good one..

RT @WoahItsBrianna is there an instrument that you’re dying to learn to play?
I’m working on piano in hopes that I can utilize it live

Cool, thanks guys. For those I didn’t get to, as always, sorry… have a great Saturday

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New Studio Vlog – David Cook Album Teaser | DavidCookOfficial.com.

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