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2.Time Marches On

3.Paper Heart

4.The Last Goodbye

5.Rapid Eye Movement


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I Did It For You

Come Back To Me

Take Me As I Am

Life On The Moon


Don’t You Forget About Me

Light On

The Last Goodbye


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The E + TML = TLM David Cook International Fans Facebook Challenge


Contest Description. The E + TML = TLM Challenge is a contest to be held over Facebook. It is meant to promote David Cook’s upcoming album “This Loud Morning” by gathering together fans from around the world and getting them to discuss and spread the word about “This Loud Morning”

Who can join. All international fans of David Cook (veteran fans and new, we make no discrimination!) are allowed join the contest. Residents of the United States are disqualified (since it’s an international fans contest, see!)

How to join. Contest entrants are required to like the official David Cook Facebook + ALL the following international David Cook fan Facebook pages (from hereon called fan groups): Brazilian Word Nerds, Cookie’s Mosqueteers (David Cook Latinoamerica), COOKistas (Pinoy Fans of David Cook), David Cook (for Singaporean fans), and David Cook Indonesia. Failure to comply with this rule will result in disqualification.

Contestants are to make their entries by posting their thoughts on “This Loud Morning” (from hereon called TLM) in a Discussion inside each fan group’s Facebook. As stated in the banner, one can show enthusiasm, excitement, eagerness, and so on, whatever one is feeling about TLM. It is up to the contestant if s/he wants to supplement the post with any creative product such as (but not limited to) the following: an original photograph inspired by TLM, a photo manipulation (aka photochop), a video of the contestant covering a TLM song, or doing an instrumental of any TLM song, a drawing, t-shirt design, a piece of jewelry, etc. – it’s all up to the contestant!

Once the contestant’s entry is approved (to be indicated by the fan group concerned), the contestant may start inviting friends to like their post.

Note: The contestant’s geographic location determines to which fan group the entry will be posted. So for instance, someone from Brazil will submit his/her entry to the Brazilian Word Nerds’ Facebook page. Someone from Argentina, on the other hand, will submit his/her entry to the Cookie’s Mosqueteers page.

Selection of Winners. The entry/post with The Most Likes will be the winner(s).

Contest Period. The contest starts now. Entries may be submitted as soon as the fan group has a Discussion set up on their Facebook. Deadline for submission of entries is tentatively set on June 28 (yes, TLM release day!) 11:59PM ET (that’s Eastern time, U.S. timezone), or June 29 0:59 Brasilia time.

Tentative announcement of winners is on June 30, 2011.

Prizes. The Top Prize, to be awarded to the fan with The Most Likes across all fan groups, is a TLM Fan Pack plus TLM Vinyl edition. The Fan Pack consists of the TLM Deluxe CD which includes 2 bonus tracks, a Making Of TLM DVD, the This Quiet Night acoustic EP, a t-shirt and poster. This Fan Pack and the TLM Vinyl edition are available only on David Cook Official and cannot be purchased anywhere else!

Two Main Prizes* will be awarded per fan group. For winners from the COOKistas Fanpage, these will be 2 sets of TLM Fan Edition, which includes the TLM Deluxe CD with 2 bonus tracks, the Making of TLM DVD, and the much-coveted This Quiet Night acoustic EP.

*Prizes may vary according to fan group (for instance, TLM Fan Edition, Deluxe CDs, etc).

Consolation Prizes of digital copies of TLM Deluxe Edition in the form of iTunes gifts will also be given away. The number of prizes will be announced later as donations are still currently being made as of this writing.

Disclaimer: This is a joint project of the international fan groups involved. It is NOT sponsored by David Cook Official or RCA or Sony. All prizes are donations made entirely by the generous fans of David Cook.

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This Loud Morning: Track By Track | DavidCookOfficial.com.

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Don’t You Forget About Me

Time Marches On

The Last Goodbye

Rolling In The Deep (Duet with Alexandra Burke)

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Walmart Soundcheck – Watch David Cook Interviews, Live Performances, Music Videos.

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